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Innovation Center case:

From castings or welded assemblies to components manufactured from sheet metal!

Today many steel components are manufactured as castings or welded assemblies. A very large part of these components could with advantage be manufactured from sheet metal instead – for example by means of deep drawing, pressing or spinning.

We evaluate on the following:

  • Raw material parameters
  • Design parameters
  • Production setup parameters
  • Cost-benefit parameters
  • Application and usage parameters

In our Innovation Center we cover all aspects of the component and provide you with detailed information to assist your decisionmaking!

Advantages from sheet metal components: 

  • Using deep-drawing or cold forming the components can be produced using a higgly automated production processes and with minimum raw material and energy consumption. Both aspects positively influence the price of the component - and it provides competitive advantage for the customer. 
  • Using the spinning process the component will have the same strength and curability as a casting, but with a significantly lower weight. This ensures a reduced weight of the end-product with thus reduced inertia and energy consumption - this provides competitive advantage and sustainability. 

Examples of components which with great advantage can be manufactured as sheet metal parts: 

  • Transmission components (v-belt pulleys and poly-v pulleys)
  • Valve - and pump components for process equipment
  • Voluminous components

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