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As Tier-1 and Tier-2 subcontractor for the automotive industry we manufacture and supply components ready for the customer’s production line. These components are either made from sheet metal using theprocesses deep drawing, pressing, punching or spinning.

Examples of components where our innovate solutions has created competitive advantage for our customers:


Sheet metal components made using the spinning process provide the advantage of reduced raw material consumption as compared to other manufacturing processes such as casting and forging. Besides the direct cost effect of the reduced raw material input it also means a reduced weight of the component and thereby indirect cost savings in terms of reduced fuel consumption and compliance with emission standards.

Furthermore, the components made from spinning have better features in terms of imbalance as compared to other manufacturing processes, which means reduced wear on bearings and other components in the same assembly.

An example of automotive components we manufacture using spinning of sheet metal is poly-v grooved pulleys for engine applications. Another example is vibration damper casing either with or without poly-v grooves. Using the spinning process even very complex components with one or more poly-v drivescan be manufactured.

Deep-drawing and welding

By combining deep drawing and welding we manufacture complex components which are used in exhaust systems and are vital components in assemblies to meet today’s emission standards.

Our components are also used to in connection with different engine applications. The engine room of today’s automotive products is very compact and filled with different applications and this means that components often have very complex shapes and design to meet the requirements. Pressed bends in very complex shapes and angles made from deep drawing half shells which are welded together find good usage. Furthermore when the requirement is for a connection from round shape to square shape is deep drawing components an advantageous solution.


Using the punching process in transfer or progressive tooling we supply different components for the automotive industry. Our components find use in brake systems, engine applications, exhaust systems, vibration damping etc.

Deep drawing components also find use as housings for controlling airflow in brake systems. 

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