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To be able to offer the required quality and costing we involve ourselves with the customer and his products. We need to understand the customer’s requirements to offer our service in terms of innovation.

Extensive Know-how

We ensure that our know-how regarding raw materials, processes and design is up to date and our partners are continuously investing in new production technology. The interaction with the customer is most often the source of information for the innovation process. The combination of the customer’s knowledge and our experience and know-how creates new ideas and solutions.

Ability to Innovate

The ability to come up with innovative ideas at Steel Products and our partners is supported by the following: Many years’ practical experience in transforming customer design into physical components with improved features, application of simplified processes and automated production processes which ensure reduced total costs for the customers, minimize material waste and ensure weight reduction, replacement of energy consuming production processes by more energy-friendly cold forming processes, use of modern design programs with CAD/CAM and simulation.

Innovation is the most important value in our Innovation Center where the customers can benefit from our know-how.

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