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Customer cases

Process Industry:

Reduced machining

Pump and valve components for food processing equipment were previously dominantly manufactured as castings, machined from solid material or made as welded components. But we have realized great benefits from re-designing components into deep drawn sheet metal components. This re-design has significantly reduced final machining thereby reducing both raw material cost and process cost. Also for food process equipment cleaning-friendly surfaces are required and in this area castings or welded components are by far inferior to Deep Drawn sheet metal components.


Weight reduction and less stress on farming land

By replacing casted components with sheet metal components we have achieved a weight reduction of the final product of totally 500 kg. This means reduced fuel consumption and less wear and stress on the farming land. This is competitive advantges for us and we have used it in our marketing.


Weight reduction and less co2

By spinning components from sheet metal we have reduced the weight of components previously made as casted or forged components. In addition to the direct influence on costs this weight reduction helps achieve the emission standards applicable today. Further, components made from spun sheet metal have better balance qualities, which reduce the wear of the bearing.

Renewable Energy:

In a comparatively new industry like ours the optimization possibilities are many. Our way of thinking has been very traditional and so we were not aware of the possibilities offered by Deep Drawn components. As an example we had a component consisting of several welded components, but by using deep drawing the component is now made as one component without welding. This has resulted in a stronger construction which can be made with a reduced wall thickness and thus a weight reduction.

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