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Innovation Center – use our know-how to innovate

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Innovation Center case:

From castings or welded assemblies to components manufactured from sheet metal!

Today many steel components are manufactured as castings or welded assemblies. A very large part of these components could with advantage be manufactured from sheet metal instead – for example by means of deep drawing, pressing or spinning. Read more about Innovation Center cases >>

Your Partner – Already during the Design of Components

Many of our customers involve us already during the design of a component. With our know-how and experience our Innovation Center can contribute with ideas which often result in improvements and cost reductions for the customer. Read more about Innovation Center and design >>

From Idea to Ready-to-Use Components

Our concept is to market and promote unique product solutions through a partnership with our customers from the development stages to the finished product. Thereby ensuring that the components meets todays – and future – requirements in terms of quality and technology.

Competitive Advantage:

innovation centerWe create competitive advantage for our customers!

Steel Products provides services in form of unique product solutions to a range of international and domestic customers.

The offered product solutions cover very diverse customer requirements.

Read more about our product solutions >>

Competitive Advantage

Deep Drawing


Deep Drawing/Welding/Machining